From September, Ulf will offer energy healing at the Studio

With a background as a coach with a focus on mental and technical training in many different sports. After building and running companies in the IT industry for many years, he has in his deep interest in working with people continued to deepen his knowledge in energy and healing. 

He is a graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, where for four years, he received intensive training in a variety of healing techniques and personal process work. 

Energy Healing is a way to restore balance within ourselves and in our bodies. Some people hold too much energy and tend to overreact to situations or get stressed out. Others need extra energy to support them in their healing process or just in showing up more in life. Still others hold everything inside and need to relax and allow more of a release of energy. Healing allows us to drop underneath our habitual patterns of protection from our lifetime of wounds so we can experience deeper states of inner peace and connect more with our lives, others and ourselves. ( More info, )

“The studio itself has a good energy that is perfect for doing the work I do. I had the privilege of using this place during my education and I now look forward to seeing what can be developed together with Astrid and

the others who are here ”.

 // Ulf



Astrid is trained a s a latin dancer – and became the

Swedish champion in 2000 & 2001. After this she decided to pursue her other passion in textiles and became a designer & costumedesigner. She has had the opportunity to work with fantastic performances & building awardwinning creations for over 10 years.

Today Astrid is a Licensed yogainstructor & is hoping to be able to connect all of her passions – yoga – dance & creativity ! With Astrid you will get a flowy, warming and very spiritual yoga class. Hata-based & spiced up with some LA inspired Vinyas Flow. To balance the heat you can also get healing and calming Restorative classes.
Restorative & meditation is the foundation on Astrids selfpractice to maintain balance.

” I believe in magic! And that we are all connected to this magic & have the possabillity to create our lives as we live them. Yoga is the key in how to conecct to your inner magician. When you then add the breath to this & and meet YOU - anything & everything is possible! ”  

xoxo // Astrid